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Posting your items for sale here at: RaceJunk Classified Ads is easy. Simply register if you have not already (by clicking [Register] here or at the top or bottom of any classified ad page). Our system automatically sends your password usually within a few minutes (no need to disconnect while you wait) to the e-mail address you registered with.

Please Note: Yahoo users may have trouble receiving the password e-mail do to restrictions on yahoo. If so, Please try using the link in the upper right of the classified home page that says FORGOT PASSWORD to have the password resent.

If you are a dealer, service center or operate a business related to what you are selling please read [This page for dealers]

Once you have the password, you might want to copy it from your e-mail and go to [Change Password] to replace our rather obtuse collection of letters and numbers with something you might more easily remember.

Posting items for sale is accomplished by clicking on [Post an Item for Sale] on the drop-down menus or the SELL link at the top right of any page. Fill in the form that pops up with a short descriptive title (make it snazzy to get people's attention). Next, select the category the item should be in (if you don't see an appropriate category on the drop down list, please [Suggest the category] Be patient please--we get LOTS of e-mail.

Pictures sell items! No matter whether its an oil pan or a dirt modified, pictures will sell by a factor of ten. For some more info on posting pictures read [RaceJunk Posting Pictures Help]

Decide how many days you want to offer your item at classified ad. Our system supports 1-90 days.

Enter a complete description. The more information included the better chance of attracting a buyer. You can simply type your description into the Description: box but we also support HTML. Just be careful of html coding as it can cause display issues. Detail the type of payment you will accept, such as personal checks, Visa and MasterCard (and/or other credit cards), will you ship C.O.D., and so forth. Be sure that you include contact information and that is absolutely correct.

After the description is complete, enter your username in the Your Username: box and your password in the box below.

Once the posting form is filled in to your satisfaction, hit the Preview button. The system shows how the posted item will look. If you like what you see, click on the SELL IT button and the classified ad is live. Be sure to follow all prompts until you are presented with a link to view your posted ad. Ads are posted immediatly to the system. If you are sent to Paypal to pay for additional features be sure to Click on Paypal's RETURN TO SITE link or payment will not get actually transferred.

If someone sends you e-mail asking about an item, please respond promptly and courteously. It's simply good business.

We expect you to be honest and truthful in the descriptions of posted items. Anyone abusing this classified ad will have his or her account cancelled.

So, post away and the very best of luck to you from everyone here at RaceJunk Classified Ads and, please remember, if you have any questions, contact us through the Live Support link at the top.

See you at the Race Track!

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