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About Racejunk.com

About RaceJunk.com

  RaceJunk is a site started back in mid-1996. Before Google, Myspace, facebook and others. RaceJunk was started to make it easier to locate web sites for Race tracks, drivers, leagues and other race related sites on the Internet. In 1997, Classified Ads were added to the site. Ads were 100% free and no dealers or commercial ads were ever allowed. This meant the classified ads were by racers and for racers.
  In 2007 the site was ten years old and the design of the site had not changed. Classified Ads were moved to a new system. This new classified system allows for additional features that people were asking about. It also is easier to manage. Placing a classified ad is still free. Only if additional options for an ad (Featured listing, Page view counter, Bold Title, etc.) are selected is there any cost for an ad. We do not charge for posting pictures and do not ask for anything after an item is sold. There is a facility for rating a seller and payment of any type will not improve your rating as it is strictly up to the users. We also now have a Live Support option if you should need assistance with the classified system. Feel free to check out our new Classified System.
  Our Web Site Link system was also upgraded in December 2007, to allow better management of web site links, better search ability, additional site details on the links and more. Also our technical documents and calculators (some still to be moved) are also integrated into the link system. The system also verifies all the links on the site to avoid having links to sites that have moved or no longer exist. Visitors can still add their own links. Adding links is free although for certain types of links such as featured links there is a cost. If adding a link and unsure which type of link you should select, you probably want the Free Link. Nothing wrong with free!
  Also being added is blog so I can tell you what I think in Racing today, Racing related Videos and an area for Car Clubs to post info on their groups, car shows & events. Look for a new Message Board to be on-line in the next few weeks.
  The site is still free to use. The site has grown significantly since its start in 1996. We now have moved to a much more powerful server to support all the visitors to RaceJunk.com and more powerful applications we now run. We have added additional options and now have advertisements to help support the cost of operating this web site. It is my hope that none of these things will effect the racer or race fan experience on RaceJunk.com. Also instead of just one person, there are several people who volunteer their time to expand on the site and support visitors. A big Thanks goes to these dedicated people.
  And who am I? My name is Paul. I have raced myself (mainly paved oval and road course), worked on a pit crew and as a crew chief. Have also been a fan of almost all forms of Auto Racing since I was very young. Starting with Drag Racing (anyone remember Jungle Jim Liberman?) and as a teenager NASCAR, Formula 1, USAC IndyCars, Trans-Am and onto to anything with at least two wheels.
  I have worked on the Internet since before web sites existed and in the early 1990's designed some of the very first web sites. Eventually I merged my love of Racing with my work on the Internet. For ten years I not only worked on the web site but paid all costs out-of-pocket. While now there are advertisements on some pages and some options (you do not need to select them) that have a cost they are only to ease the financial burden of the site and be able to expand the features of RaceJunk that have been requested. I earn my living in computer network support & web site design and not from this site. Yes I do design & host web sites for race teams, drivers and manufacturers but keep that seperate from this site. Racejunk is more a hobby to help out the Racing community. Feel free to let me know how I am doing.
You will also find if you comm   Racejunk gets thousands of visitors each day now and it has grown in size. It is my hope it will continue to grow and serve the Racers and Race fans for years to come.

NOTE: For those that would like to link to RaceJunk please insert the following code into your web page. It is much appreciated! This will add the RaceJunk banner and link:

<A href="http://racejunk.com/" ><IMG src="http://racejunk.com/rjbanner2.gif" border=0>

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