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The STARS is a Southern Touring Asphalt Racing Series based out of Hendersonville, NC. The idea behind UARA-STARS is to give the local Saturday night racers the opportunity to race in a touring division with affordable cars that race a sixteen race schedule throughout the southeast.
http://www.uara-stars.com/ ~ Read More
PR: 4
Off-Road Racing
http://www.bitd.com/ ~ Read More
PR: 4
Adirondack Motor Enthusiast Club (A.M.E.C.) - The largest Ice Racing Sanctioning Body. The Adirondack Motor Enthusiast Club (A.M.E.C.) Celebrates its 53rd anniversary this year. We have also completed our 42nd year of ice racing. A.M.E.C. Ice Racing is the safest and most inexpensive form of road racing available today.
http://www.icerace.com/ ~ Read More
PR: 3
Established in 1981,CASCAR (Canadian Association for Stock Car Racing) is the governing body for amateur and professional stock car racing in Canada.
http://www.cascar.com/ ~ Read More
PR: 3
Started in 1974 IROC was (is?) a series that raced drivers from various forms of racing (open wheel, NASCAR, dirt, etc.) into identicaly prepared cars.
http://www.irocracing.com/ ~ Read More
PR: 3
Since1936, the Badger Midget Auto Racing Association (BMARA) and its members, past and present, out of Wisconsin have played an important role in the development of midget auto racing nationwide.
http://www.bmara.com/ ~ Read More
PR: 3
Quarter Midget Racing for Boys and Girls 5 to 16 Years Old. <br> The purpose of the QMRA is to create and maintain a clean, safe, healthy sport, which may be enjoyed by Father, Son, Mother, Daughter in relationship with better Sportsmanship. To acquaint the younger generation with the handling of mechanical devices, coordination, alertness, and ability to handle motor-driven vehicles.
http://www.goodtimesqm.com/ ~ Read More
PR: 3
Full throttle racing excitement for youngsters 5 to 16 years old!<br> Quarter Midget Racing not only hosts many weekly races, but also local Regional races, one State Championship race per region, and for the more serious competitor, three Grand National Events (two asphalt track and one dirt track race).
http://www.quartermidgets.org ~ Read More
PR: 3
Rocky Mountain Midget Racing Association
http://www.rmmra.org/ ~ Read More
PR: 3
United Midget Racing Association
http://www.umra.com/ ~ Read More
PR: 3
UDRA features three professional circuits of three popular classes of drag racing; Supercharged Funny Car, Supercharged Dragster, and Pro MOD
http://www.udra.com/ ~ Read More
PR: 3
The Drag Racing Association of Women, providing financial and emotional support to injured drag racers since 1985.<br> The Drag Racing Association of Women (DRAW) is a non-profit organization that provides financial and emotional support to qualified individuals involved in drag racing accidents at a track. <br> DRAW membership is open to men, women and even children and all members have equal privileges. It covers almost all of North America.
http://www.drawfasthelp.org/ ~ Read More
PR: 3
Finnish Hot Rod Association / Finnish Drag Bike Association. Yes from Finland
http://www.fhra.fi/eng/ ~ Read More
PR: 3
NDRS is a dragracing series that is all aroung the nordic countries, except Island, and also in the UK. The series is the biggest series in Europe and the second biggest one out side the US, the home of dragracing.
http://www.dragracing.se/ ~ Read More
PR: 3
Colorado Hill Climb Association
http://chcaracing.com/ ~ Read More
PR: 3
Promoting the benefits of amateur motorcycle road racing.
http://www.cra-mn.com/ ~ Read More
PR: 3
http://www.kennyirwinjrfoundation.org/ ~ Read More
PR: 3
Demolition Events National Tour - Promoters of Regional and National Championship Demolition Derbys
http://www.smashcar.com/ ~ Read More
PR: 3
Drifting championship series in New Zealand
http://www.d1gp.co.nz/ ~ Read More
PR: 3
DGTrials is a motorsports organization dedicated to increasing awareness of and participation in more modern forms of motorsport. If you live in NY, NJ, PA, CT, GA, TN, AL, SC, FL, AZ, or anywhere else in the country, odds are that DGTrials has an event near you.
http://www.dgtrials.com/ ~ Read More
PR: 3

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