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Everything Racing. Links to teams, drivers, sponsors plus technical documents

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If you are a Dealer, Business or Commercial entity involved in any form of the Automotive or Motorsports industry or selling a product or service for Profit gain then you fall under this category.
The Dealer Ad Fee is $15 per EACH single ad Posting.
Ads may remain posted up to 90 days. This cost does not cover additonal optional ad posting features such as: Featured Ad, Bold Listing, etc. but these options can be added at time of posting for the standard cost for these options. Paying for Posting Options is NOT a replacement for the dealer ad fee. NO Refunds will be given for rules violation. No ads will be accepted that are promoting Multi-level marketing (MLM), Network marketing or franchises.
RaceJunk Classifieds is mainly a place for RACERS and car enthusiasts like ourselves to buy, sell or trade. It is not meant to be a commerical Advertising medium. We have elected to have a fee for allowing Dealer and Commericial advertisers as a way of limiting the amount of dealers who post ads. We provide dealer ads this way so:
1) Individual sellers are not competing against thousands of dealer ads
2) Buyers here give each ad more consideration than sites which allow unlimited Dealer ads.
We do have a limit of no other than three (3) ads run simultaneously. When total dealer ads excede 3% there will be a hold on any new dealer ads and a notice posted here. We check ads daily for commercial ads. When we find one that does not belong we delete the ad and lockout the user account.
We hope you can understand and respect our policy and what we try to do here. If you still wish to post an ad you can Go to:
NOTE: It is recommended you send us a message (click on the Live Help above), include your RaceJunk Classified Username and that you have paid for a dealer ad listing.
Additional Note: RaceJunk is operated by several Racers. While this site is over twelve years old and receives over 10,000 hits a day this really is not a business. It is a site for racers and racefans so please understand if we can not get back to you within the hour. Thank You for your understanding.

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