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The Antique Auto Museum at Hershey, Pennsylvania displays over 90 historic automobiles and buses in dramatic period settings, and as a Smithsonian Affiliate, the AACA Museum is dedicated to the celebration, preservation, education, and display of American motor vehicle history. Run by the AACA - Antique Automobile Club of America.
http://www.aacamuseum.org/ ~ Read More
PR: 5
Motorcycles from 1900 to the present. Located in St. Louis, MO
http://themotomuseum.com/ ~ Read More
PR: 3
The Museum displays more than 200 cars from 1892 to present, the majority of which are from the world famous collection of the late gaming pioneer and avid collector, Bill Harrah. Located in Reno, NV
http://www.automuseum.org/ ~ Read More
PR: 5
From an 1880 wagon to 2002 CHEVY MONTE CARLO #16 NASCAR. Located in Sacramento, CA
http://www.toweautomuseum.org/ ~ Read More
PR: 0
Over 100 antique, classic and collectible automobiles, chronologically displayed, illustrate the progress of over 100 years of automobile design and engineering. Your self-guided tour begins with an 1886 Benz, representing the birth of the automobile, and culminates with a never-driven 1994 Dodge Viper. The collection, includes a rare Tucker, a Lincoln previously owned by Elvis Presley, other movie and celebrity vehicles, Hispano Suizas, a Duesenberg and more. Located in Tupelo, Mississippi
http://www.tupeloauto.com/ ~ Read More
PR: 1
The Unser Racing Museum in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
http://www.unserracingmuseum.com/ ~ Read More
PR: 6
“Our mission is to provide an educational and entertaining family attraction, preserving, sharing and taking pride in an automotive heritage that truly encouraged and shaped the growth of New Jersey and this country, and its impact on our society.” Located in Ocean County, NJ
http://www.vintageautomuseum.org/ ~ Read More
PR: 3
The Volo Auto Museum and Antique Malls - antique, classic and collector cars all for sale and on display. Located in Volo, IL
http://www.volocars.com/ ~ Read More
PR: 5
Housed in a 28,500-square-foot building, the Wally Parks NHRA Motorsports Museum's mission is to celebrate the impact of motorsports on our culture. We collect, preserve, exhibit and interpret the vehicles, stories, and artifacts that represent our affection for, and the influence of, automotive speed and style in all its forms. We are the place to view and learn about hot rods, customs, racecars and speed records, and the West Coast's role.
http://museum.nhra.com/ ~ Read More
PR: 5
Spend the day to experience the history of Chrysler vehicles, learn from interactive kiosk stations, or enjoy educational films in our movie theater. Located in Auburn Hills, Michigan
http://www.chryslerheritage.com/ ~ Read More
PR: 5
Three spacious, attractive buildings house an eclectic collection, featuring antique vehicles--about 50 autos, ranging in age from 1915 to the 1980s, several fire trucks, farm tractors, Caterpillar machinery, bicycles and more. working displays of clocks, musical instruments and devices, as well as vintage clothing, tools, toys and farm labor-saving devices, including washing machines dating from the early 1900s. Located in Peoria, IL
http://www.wheelsotime.org/ ~ Read More
PR: 2
Located in Maggie Valley, NC, thirty miles west of Asheville, NC
http://www.wheelsthroughtime.com/ ~ Read More
PR: 5
The selection of 1 and 2 cylinder cars in the Swigart Museum is probably the most diverse in the United States. Included are several of the most popular autos at the turn of the century. The 1899 Locomobile and a 1904 Cadillac rear entrance tonneau are examples, with the 1905 Rambler and 1904 Franklin. There are also many others long-forgotten companies such as Crestmobile, Jewel, Mora, & Sears. The Sears car for instance, was manufactured for the famous Sear Roebuck. Located in Huntingdon, PA
http://www.swigartmuseum.com/ ~ Read More
PR: 4
The Wisconsin Automotive Museum is Wisconsin's largest auto museum, featuring a display of classic, vintage autos & automotive artifacts, such as “The Kissel”, which was manufactured in Hartford from 1906 to 1931. The most famous Kissel model is the “Speedster” which as affectionately known as the “Gold Bug”, and owned by such stars of the day as Fatty Arbuckle and Amelia Earhardt. Home of the Southeastern Wisconsin Short Track Hall of Fame. Located in Hartford, Wisconsin
http://www.wisconsinautomuseum.com/ ~ Read More
PR: 3
Ypsilanti has a unique automotive history for a city of its size. Apex Motors which produced the "ACE" car from 1920-1922 was located on South River Street and Preston Tucker whose family owned the Ypsilanti Machine and Tool Company developed and built the prototype for his "Tucker Torpedo." The Museum is also home to the world's last Hudson Dealer. Located in Ypsilanti, MI
http://www.ypsiautoheritage.org/ ~ Read More
PR: 5

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