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Our goal is to create the world’s foremost automotive museum. AMERICA’S CAR MUSEUM will be: A gathering place where enthusiasts from around the world will come to celebrate America’s love affair with the automobile. Creator of a social network for automotive enthusiasts, serious collectors, educational entities, museums through promotion of and active involvement in automotive activities around the world. A showcase for the auto industries and An education center. Located in Tacoma, WA
http://www.lemaymuseum.org/ ~ Read More
PR: 3
featurs 15 cars from 1886 through 1933 and 25 categories of antiques represented by collections such as model trains, cast iron toys, spittoons, tools, cuckoo clocks, license plates, World War I posters, phonographs, typewriters, and cameras. Located in North Park, CA
http://gothere.com/mg-world/Museums/cooley.htm ~ Read More
PR: 3
Home to "Americas oldest car collection". For over 75 years, the Larz Anderson Auto Museum has been supporting the collector car community through a variety of educational programs, exhibits, and lectures. Located in Brookline, MA
http://www.larzanderson.org ~ Read More
PR: 6
Has some of the earliest examples of autos and engines. Located in Montjalin, France
http://www.les-amis-des-musees-automobiles.com/ ~ Read More
PR: 3
The birthplace of the Model T. The Ford Piquette Avenue plant. Located in Detroit, Michigan NOTE: Website has some excellent background on Henry Ford and the Model T.
http://www.tplex.org/ ~ Read More
PR: 4
Located in Pickerington, Ohio, the Museum tells the exciting stories of American motorcycling.
http://www.motorcyclemuseum.org/ ~ Read More
PR: 5
Located on historic Mahoning Avenue, near downtown Warren, Ohio, the National Packard Museum houses many beautifully restored and original Packard vehicles! At the museum, Packard family genealogy archives can be viewed and a wide variety of historic memorabilia is on continuous rotation so every visit is a new experience.
http://www.packardmuseum.org/ ~ Read More
PR: 5
The Owls Head Transportation Museum exhibits and operates a large collection of pioneer-era aircraft, antique automobiles, engines, bicycles, carriages and motorcycles. Flights of pioneer aircraft most summer weekends, weather permitting. Special events throughout the year. Located in Owls Head, ME
http://www.ohtm.org/ ~ Read More
PR: 5
Northwest Indiana's largest antique auto museum. Located in Michigan City, IN
http://www.ragtopsmuseum.com/ ~ Read More
PR: 4
Reynolds-Alberta Museum celebrates the spirit of the machine through lively interpretation of an outstanding collection of vehicles, aircraft, tractors and industrial machines. Our stories begin in the 1880s and tell how these amazing machines shaped the lives of ordinary and extraordinary people.Located in Alberta Canada
http://www.machinemuseum.net/ ~ Read More
PR: 1
one of only two in the world dedicated to the display, preservation and history of Rolls-Royce and Bentley motor cars produced in Springfield, MA. and Derby/Crewe, England, 1905 to present, and Rolls-Royce Aero Engines produced from 1914 to date. Located in Mechanicsburg, PA
http://www.rollsroycefoundation.com/ ~ Read More
PR: 4
Seal Cove Auto Museum is a world class collection of antique brass autos and motorcycles. The museum displays 100 classic cars, 30 motorcycles, and automotive memorabilia. Located in the Town of Seal Cove, Maine
http://www.sealcoveautomuseum.org/ ~ Read More
PR: 4
The selection of 1 and 2 cylinder cars in the Swigart Museum is probably the most diverse in the United States. Included are several of the most popular autos at the turn of the century. The 1899 Locomobile and a 1904 Cadillac rear entrance tonneau are examples, with the 1905 Rambler and 1904 Franklin. There are also many others long-forgotten companies such as Crestmobile, Jewel, Mora, & Sears. The Sears car for instance, was manufactured for the famous Sear Roebuck. Located in Huntingdon, PA
http://www.swigartmuseum.com/ ~ Read More
PR: 4
From an 1880 wagon to 2002 CHEVY MONTE CARLO #16 NASCAR. Located in Sacramento, CA
http://www.toweautomuseum.org/ ~ Read More
PR: 0
“Our mission is to provide an educational and entertaining family attraction, preserving, sharing and taking pride in an automotive heritage that truly encouraged and shaped the growth of New Jersey and this country, and its impact on our society.” Located in Ocean County, NJ
http://www.vintageautomuseum.org/ ~ Read More
PR: 3

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