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The Porsche Club of America or PCA is the official national Porsche club offering driving opportunities, technical assistance and events such as racing, car shows, and the annual Porsche Parade event. Our national Website offers online mart classifieds, online technical question answering and discussion forums. Members also receive the Porsche Panorama magazine, or Pano, providing highlights of Porsche models, including race and classic cars.
http://www.pca.org/ ~ Read More
PR: 6
The Karmann Ghia Club of North America (KGCNA) is an Educational, non-profit corporation (under IRS 501c(3) rules) dedicated to the serving the needs of the Karmann Ghia community. (Note that we are not a charity, and dues are not deductible from your taxes.)
http://www.karmannghia.org/ ~ Read More
PR: 5
Membership is open to all individuals with an interest in any Rolls-Royce or Bentley motorcar. Membership is now over 9,000 members worldwide.
http://www.rroc.org/ ~ Read More
PR: 5
The Model A Ford Club of America, Inc. (MAFCA) is a non-profit corporation of California and a national historical society dedicated to the restoration and preservation of Model A Ford vehicles as manufactured from 1928 through 1931. MAFCA's members are dedicated to the restoration, preservation, and enjoyment of Ford vehicles of that era. MAFCA is the largest club in the world dedicated to one make of automobile.
http://www.mafca.com/ ~ Read More
PR: 5
Serving over 6,000 Jaguar enthusiasts all over North America, Membership in Jaguar Clubs of North America (JCNA) is easy by joining one of the nearly 60 chapters located throughout North America.
http://www.jcna.com/ ~ Read More
PR: 5
AACA perpetuats the pioneer days of automobiling by furthering the interest in and preserving of antique automobiles, and the promotion of sportsmanship and of good fellowship among all AACA members. The AACA uses the term "automobile" in a comprehensive sense to include all self-propelled vehicles intended for passenger use (cars, race vehicles, trucks, fire vehicles, motorcycles, powered bicycles, etc.). Similarly, the term includes various power sources, such as gasoline, electric, etc.,
http://www.aaca.org/ ~ Read More
PR: 5
Veteran Motor Car Club of America is to encourage preservation and restoration of antique and historically significant automobiles. This is not a military Veteran's organization, the veterans in our name are cars, not people. Our specialty is touring events, where we drive our cars to interesting places, meeting new people and visiting old friends along the way. We have fun while everyone gets to see, hear, and enjoy old cars on the road.
http://www.vmcca.org/ ~ Read More
PR: 4
For all year Firebirds and Trans Am including the GTA, Formula and Firehawk. Established in 1984 and offers color magazines (EAGLE), technical advice, member recommendations on service and more
http://www.firebirdtaclub.com/ ~ Read More
PR: 4
NATIONAL DESOTO CLUB, INC. is an active, non-profit corporation with international membership organized by a group of DeSoto owners in 1986. The club promotes the restoration, preservation and enjoyment of the DeSoto automobile. Ownership of a DeSoto is not a requirement for membership; only an interest in DeSoto is necessary. National conventions are held once a year rotating across the country. The Club presently has eight chapters with new ones developing rapidly.
http://www.desoto.org/ ~ Read More
PR: 4
our enjoyment of your Mercedes-Benz will be enhanced by membership in the Mercedes-Benz Club of America. You will gain useful information that can help you preserve the appearance, performance, and value of your Mercedes-Benz, new or old.
http://www.mbca.org/ ~ Read More
PR: 4
The ASWOA an automobile collector club for anyone who loves station wagons.
http://aswoa.com/ ~ Read More
PR: 4
World’s first and oldest Corvette Club. Established in 1956 Serving Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia
http://www.corvetteclubofamerica.org/ ~ Read More
PR: 3
Founded in 1969 by and for those who still appreciate the Corvair automobile.
http://www.corvair.org ~ Read More
PR: 3
The WPC Club, Chrysler Products Restorer's Club - the largest worldwide club devoted to the preservation, restoration and enjoyment of all Chrysler Procuts
http://www.chryslerclub.org/ ~ Read More
PR: 3
Club GTI exists to bring together like minded GTI Enthusiasts. We have thousands of members all over the country who have a whole range of performance Volkswagen Audi Group models
http://www.clubgti.com/ ~ Read More
PR: 3
SAAB OWNERS CLUB - This is the SAAB Club. The SAAB club offers information and benefits to owners of any model of SAAB, from Two Stroke to Turbo. Members receive a Bi-monthly magazine of high quality, full of articles relating to all matters SAAB, technical information, classified advertisements and much much more. The SAAB Club organises many events for SAAB Owners and those interested in the SAAB marque. This is THE club for SAAB Owners.
http://www.saabclub.co.uk/ ~ Read More
PR: 3
OMC is an independent US-based auto club, that specializes in German-Made 1968-1975 Opels. OMC has published our newsletter "The Blitz" since 1981, and is the only US Opel club that is officially recognized by the Opel factory (based in Russelheim, Germany).
http://www.opelclub.com/ ~ Read More
PR: 3
M.G. Drivers Club of North America, the first US/Canada wide club for all types of M.G.'s, formally launched in August 1997. The Club's goal is to provide a home for M.G. enthusiasts who own all models of the M.G. marque, from the pre-World War II classics to the post war T-series, Midget, Magnette, 1100, M.G. A, B, C, F, TF, Y-Type, and the current Z series saloons and beyond.
http://www.mgdriversclub.com/ ~ Read More
PR: 3
As the largest independent car organization in the world, the Association appreciates the support of its members in promoting the value, image and mystique of the DeLorean automobile.
http://deloreanowners.org ~ Read More
PR: 3
Corvette Club serving Southwest Florida.
http://corvettesonthegulf.com/ ~ Read More
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